A KeePass 2.x extension for Chrome and Firefox

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Built on a solid foundation

Owl is based on both CKP and Tusk, previous KeePass extensions, providing a solid foundation for future development.

Read and autofill entries

Owl allows you read and autofill database entries into any form.

Open Source

Owl is Open Source and MIT licensed. You can contribute and view the source code on GitHub.

# What is Owl?

Owl is an extension for Chrome and Firefox that allows users to manage their KeePass 2.x database directly in the browser. Currently, it is a read-only implementation; users can sync their database from different providers, and Owl will then show relevant password entries based on the site visited. Given permission, Owl can automagically fill in the username and passwords on websites. In the future, users will be able to add and edit entries directly in the extension.

# Please Note

Both the extension and this documentation website are currently undergoing active development. You can watch the Issue Tracker as well as the author's blog for regular updates on Owl. However, we've now released our first version on the Firefox AMO and will release the Chrome version in the near future.